Steel epoxy paste for regeneration of metals, aluminium steel

Steel epoxy paste for regeneration of metals, aluminium steel


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Characterized by a low contraction during curing and protects surfaces against corrosion. Joints achieve hardness resembling the material to be repaired and perfectly are suitable to mechanical work (grinding, boring, threading). Resistant to aggressive chemical agents (petrol, acids, oils, solvents) and atmospheric conditions (rain, snow, radiation). Metal powders improve heat conductivity and expansion at a work temperature of joints (-40°C to +120°C). Fiber fillers strengthened internal reinforcement of hardened joints and graphite powder ensures high resistance to abrasion.

HOW TO USE: 1. Immerse the containers in hot water (5 min. at 90°C. The liquid component may be easier got out of the container) 2. Prepare the bowl to mix the components (e.g. a lid with a flange) 3. Apply both components A+B of the same volume using different tea spoons (in case of doubts use smaller quantity of component B) 4. Thoroughly mix up to uniform colour, without streaks and blisters of air (in case of doubts one should mix even 10 min. use up within 30 min.) 5. First apply to nooks and corners and gaps to fill them (recommended gap of a joint amounts to 0,05-0,1mm An excess of the adhesive may be removed with an organic solvent e.g. acetone. After mixing the adhesive cures at room temperature as a result of reaction between the components, (about 24 h) however warming at a high temperature (e.g. electrical dryer considerably shortens time of curing and improves strength parameters of a joint. Full strength is achieved after 24h.

  • The packaging include a piece of reinforsement mesh and two plastic spoons
  • Two component resinous - metallic composite chemically hardenable, cold curing after mixing
  • components of base (A) and reactor (B) in the proportion 1:1. Possesses the highest adhesion
  • to all hard materials: metals and their alloys and cast as well as wood, glass, stones.