Small Heat Powered Stove Fan

Small Heat Powered Stove Fan


£26.66 Ex VAT

This Stove fan is self-powered and runs without batteries or electricity. The heat from your stove is transferred into electric current via the built-in thermoelectric module. This electric current is then used to power up the motor, which spins the blades. The fan is manufactured from anodised aluminum that will not rust or decay. As no electricity is required simply put it on your stove and it will automatically start. > Never run the stove fan when your stove temperature is above 345C Allow the stove fan to cool off completely before removing with a clean, dry cloth

Warranty-12 months

Box Contains 1 x Stove Top Fan

  • The Smallest Stove Top Fan on The Market-Just 132mm High for Smaller Space
  • Ultra-Low 50℃. Starting Temperature- No batteries or electricity required-powered by rising heat from your Wood-Burning-Multi Fuel/ Gas Pellet Stove
  • Make your stove more efficient and save on fuel with this well-engineered eco-friendly stove top fan
  • Start and Self-regulating automatically:Start work when the surface temperature under the fan reaches around 50℃. The hotter the fire, the faster the blades turn. Slow and stop when the wood burns out and stove temperature cools. Virtually Silent in operation
  • Minimum Opening Height Required for Fan to spin-132mm / 5.19 inch-